Stories of Change

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Lingaraj Success Story . Rural Entrepreneurship

A New Life For Lingaraj

Lingaraj is a young man from Koppal who found himself unemployed due to circumstances beyond his control. The training gave him the confidence to explore other possibilities.

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Ganga Success Story . Rural Entrepreneurship

Ganga Changes Mindsets Around Her

Ganga had to endure societal bias and slights from her family after she chose to leave her marriage and return home. But her status and perceptions of those around her changed following her new job.

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Hemanna Success Story

The Incredible Transformation Of Hemanna

Hemanna was part of our first transformation batch back in 2007. This is the story of how he evolved from grazing buffaloes in his village in Karnataka to handling a variety of jobs and responsibilities over the years.

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Kaya Kalp . Ria Golecha

Changemaker: Ria Golecha

Ria Golecha was incharge of creating a strategic plan for Kayakalp. Kayakalp leverages the traditional art form of puppetry to disseminate awareness on socially relevant themes, market products and ideas, and transcend behavioural change to masses while empowering 14 underprivileged artists living in Kathputli Colony, New Delhi by quadrupling their incomes.

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Mehrun Siddique

Changemaker: Mehrun Siddique

Mehrun Siddique started the NGO Adhar in 2009 with a vision of working with vulnerable children and women of Khajuraho. She has been working with this community for more than a decade, creating livelihood opportunities for women and making them economically independent. 

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