Anusuya Youth Transformation Success Story

Anusuya Discovers a New World of Opportunity

Anusuya found that a little bit of support – in the form of empowerment, skill-building, and a caring employer – can make all the difference in the world.

Anusuya comes from a large family of two parents, three brothers, and one sister residing in Raichur. She completed her 10th standard and didn’t know how to speak in English at the time. Her brother referred her to the Head Held High Program and after she completed her training, she was able to fluently and confidently speak in English. This was a big accomplishment for her. Her training at Head Held High taught her a series of things like computer skills, logical thinking, and communication skills. After her training, she managed to secure a job that uses her skills well. Anusuya earns a salary large enough to support her family and that has made her very happy. She thanks Head Held High for making her a capable, self-sustaining woman in her own right. 

Day by day, I am becoming more confident and more responsible in every way I’m becoming more and more capable every day. I will cross every hurdle and win.


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