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Meeting the Antarprerna Women in Thondebhavi

Thondebhavi is a picturesque village nestled in between a set of hills in Karnataka’s Chikballapur district. The district capital is 30 km to the east of the village.
We set up an Antarprerna women collective in Thondebhavi in September of 2020 with support from our partner, ACC Trust.

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Helping Youth In GAGAL Find Their Footing

In Gagal, our youth transformation program is supported by ACC Trust. This is an overview of the hurdles that youth at that location face and how the program is helping address them.
Gagal is a small village in Bilaspur Tehsil and district of Himachal Pradesh. The district features several visitor attractions, including Bhakra Dam and a number of temples.

Power Of Possibilities

Mitti Ke Rang Helps Small Women Entrepreneurs Get Their Products Online

When it first started out, Mitti Ke Rang was a small but committed social initiative run by Amit Jain and his mother, along with his co-founder Saket Deshmukh. It was inspired by the familial support system that came together for them following the death of his father when Amit was only three.

Power Of Possibilities

The Choice That Transformed Rajkumar’s Life

A native of a small village in Sindri district, Jharkhand, Rajkumar dropped out of school in 8th standard. This was partly due to the family’s financial


#ThePowerOfPossibilities: Ideas and Insights for the Next 10

Our goal in 2021, is to leverage this milestone and the exponential quality of ten to explore how we can tap into the larger ecosystem in order to significantly scale our impact (with regard to key SDGs). That is what the Power of Possibilities is all about.


Breaking Through in Mobilization

Amlesh, a field team member and program mobilizer in Head Held High’s East Cluster, talks about a key aspect of his work on the ground…


A Covid Build Back Initiative in Urban Slums

The pandemic has been very disruptive for groups and communities already faced with vulnerabilities. Urban slum communities are among those hit hardest, with many families reeling under the economic impact of shutdowns and job cuts.

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HHH’s i4TS in partnership with TASK

Sarah A Soule, Neil Malhotra, and Bernadette Clavier described “Social Innovation” as “the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.” It refers to the development and execution of new ideas, goods, and services that address social challenges and improve people’s quality of life.

Give India
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Social Security Access

In the 2023 Budget, the Central Government released several new social security schemes and new editions of pre-existing schemes, that aim to evolve with the needs of the people. For instance, the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0 will be launched this year with the purpose of skilling the youth in new age Industry courses like coding, AI, robotics, drones and soft skills.

Psychometric Test
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Psychometric Test

Code Unnati is another partnership between Head Held High Foundation and UNDP that seeks to prepare youth to make informed career choices, and equip them with relevant job skills.

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Nandeesha Steers His Life in a New Direction

Nandeesha is from a small village in Gadag district of Karnataka. He comes from a large family of 11. His father practices agriculture and two brothers work in nearby areas.