Ganga Success Story . Rural Entrepreneurship

Ganga Changes Mindsets Around Her

Ganga got married at the age of 18 and moved to Gujarat where her husband was from. But when the marriage turned abusive, she left and returned to her parents’ home. Her parents lived with her brother and his wife and Ganga was often reminded of the fact that she was not contributing to the family and thus, was a burden on them. Although this was not an easy situation, Ganga continued to stay there because of her mother who supported her.

In Wadi, until this point, women did not work outside the house. The ACC project to employ local women was a new idea but one that local families warmed up to quickly because of the trust factor involved when it came to ACC as an employer. Ganga was able to join the project mid-stream when another woman left and a vacancy opened up. She soon became known for being extremely hard-working and is one of the more productive workers at the center.

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