The Academy

The Transformation Academy in Tumkur, Karnataka represents the backbone of our training initiatives. Its content creators and master trainers help set the standards for the program. The team uses insights from the field to continually adapt the program for better outcomes and greater impact.

The Academy is also the base for our Train the Trainer (T3) program, a 30-day immersion course for trainers with a rigorous evaluation process built into it. Trainers who successfully complete the course are then fully equipped to deliver our training program. 

A look inside Head Held High’s
Transformation Academy in Tumkur (Karnataka)


Train the Trainer (T3)

If you are an aspiring trainer in the social sector, then this course is for you. It can introduce you to many tried and tested methods for becoming an effective trainer who can transform others.

Spoken English Classes

Do you struggle with speaking in English? Do you have the words in your head but lack confidence to use them when talking? This course covers common phrases, word lists and many exercises to make you fluent in English.

Teacher Training

A course designed for school teachers who want to be more effective in the classroom. If you would like to add a few proven practices and creative techniques to your instructional toolkit, then this course is for you.


Curriculum Development: We are adept at creating content for custom training programs. If you need support with creating course material for a specific audience and outcome, we can help. 

If you'd like a custom curriculum designed, get in touch with us