We love to have volunteers join us in our mission – either as part of a team or as individuals

Virtual Volunteering

Our Virtual Volunteering program is designed to give organizational teams a chance to connect with our work in very tangible ways. Since the program first started in 2020, we have had several such teams pitch in with mentoring, curriculum development, spoken English lessons and a whole lot more. We are grateful for all the time and support contributed to the cause. 

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The session was extremely fulfilling and Ashish (the trainee) has an immensely curious mind who wanted to grasp as much as possible. In spite of being hit hard by the pandemic, Ashish wants to keep working hard for his family and in his quest for a new livelihood he has still not lost his zeal to learn and that is something which really inspired me.

I learned so many things through these sessions -- thought development, self-discipline, the drawbacks of smartphones, the Power of Active listening, etc. These sessions are very good for new learning and topics.

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