Financial Inclusion & Social Security

Enabling Social Security Access

There are many social security programs in India – covering food, healthcare, education, employment, housing and other areas. But their benefits don’t always reach those for whom they are designed. Many of them are not aware of these schemes and the process for accessing them can be cumbersome. We are helping connect people to relevant social security schemes by facilitating this process in communities across the country. Our teams on the ground conduct door to door awareness drives, help applicants to fill out forms, and engage with local government bodies to boost participation in this effort.

The results till date

₹ 231 Crores




Our Approach

Read our detailed write-up on Uplink, a World Economic Forum (WEF) platform for accelerating SDG impact.

C A S E  S T U D Y

Financial Inclusion for APL’s Community of Contract Painters

In partnership with Asian Paints Limited (APL), we conducted a structured program on personal finance topics and social security schemes for the Asian Paints contract painter community around the country. The online sessions included more than 900 participants in different locations and were delivered in multiple languages. Our trainers gave participants information about various Central and State Government schemes, helped them with the application process and then followed up to make sure they were able to complete the process and access the benefits involved. 

The impact of the program is likely to extend beyond the 900 people in it.   That is because those who successfully complete the process then tell others in their circle – largely family and community members – about the value of financial safety nets created by these schemes.