Shantha Transformation Success Story

Shantha Dares to Dream of a Different Life

Shantha never had a real chance to get a formal education. But this young girl wanted more than what was being handed to her. Shantha belongs to a family of 8 – 2 parents, 3 elder sisters and 2 younger brothers residing in Raichur. Her younger brother was born when she was only 5 years old and so her parents wanted her to take care of him instead of going to school. They worked as labourers in a farmland so didn’t have the time. Her sister came across a video of a Head Held High alumni and the person in the video also hadn’t attended school. However, after attending the Head Held High training program, he learnt English, up-skilled and became capable. Shantha’s sister was the one who persuaded her to join the program while her parents opposed the decision. She fought with her parents and joined the training program. The program taught her all sorts of skills, however her computer skills were most admirable. Shanta has a typing speed of 80 words per minute. She’s happy and convinced that nothing is impossible.

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