Future Ready Guidance

Youth from marginalized areas often lack access to career resources and training to boost employability and build 21st century skills. We aim to address this gap through a holistic approach that includes contextual career information, social-emotional learning, skill development for job readiness, and individual career guidance. 

Career Guidance and Counselling​

Sach Honge Sapne is a UNDP-led digital initiative to disseminate information on soft skills and job readiness as well as sector skills and opportunities. It is aimed at youth with limited access to career guidance and related resources. As UNDP’s primary partner in the initiative, we developed a plan for optimal reach and impact through the campaign. In order to connect with the target audience, we produced a series of informative videos featuring career coaches and sector experts. We then followed this up with individual outreach and career counselling sessions with youth who registered online. All in all, this was a large-scale digital effort with results that exceeded the original targets.









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with numbers and insights from the campaign

Career Guidance for Youth in Karnataka Colleges

In another partnership with UNDP, we will engage with government-run higher education and vocational institutions in Karnataka to provide career guidance and counselling services for their students. The end goal is to ensure that these youth, and specifically girls, are better able to make informed career choices and access income generating opportunities. Our teams of career coaches will provide information on topics tied to studying further, scholarships, admission criteria, internships, entrepreneurship and more. We also aim to connect them with jobs, internships and skill-based training programs wherever possible.