Poverty is just not lack of money;
it is not having the capability to realise one’s full potential as a human being.

– Amartya Sen

Our Story

Head Held High Foundation is a Bangalore-based nonprofit on a quest to tackle humanity’s oldest and most persistent problem: poverty. Along with a passionate team and many committed partners, we work to reduce inequity in all its forms.
Although we manage our programs from Bangalore, we have a field presence that spans multiple states and rural locations across India. Our poverty alleviation efforts in these communities include assessment, social protection, financial inclusion, training, skill building, livelihood creation and more.
Our story began with the stories of eight young people from rural Karnataka who were part of our first youth transformation batch. These individuals had not had a chance to finish their schooling or explore possibilities beyond their immediate environment. At the end of six months, however, they had transformed into more confident versions of their former selves. They have since gone on to build fulfilling lives and to emerge as changemakers in their communities.
This powerful beginning showed us what was possible. It provided a way forward for our ongoing work in transforming youth and communities and creating a world of abundance for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate rural poverty globally,
beginning in India.

We believe

We believe that there is enough and more for everyone on our planet. Poverty makes no sense in such a world of abundance.

We think

We think that the key to tackling poverty is to address the deprivation of capabilities that keeps a person from living a life they have reason to value.

We work

We work with marginalised groups and communities to trigger transformation at many levels and to create pathways to a better life for them.

Our Initiatives

Youth Transformation


To enable youth transformation

Rural Entrepreneurship


To spur rural entrepreneurship

Global Action on Poverty


To amplify the impact of changemakers

Future Ready Guidance


To build job and career preparedness in youth across India



To tackle multi-dimensional poverty at the family level

Social Innovation for Youth

Social Innovation for Youth

To foster social entrepreneurial thinking in youth