Hemanna Success Story

The Incredible Transformation Of Hemanna

Hemanna was part of our first transformation batch back in 2007. This is the story of how he evolved from grazing buffaloes in his village in Karnataka to handling a variety of jobs and responsibilities over the years.

Hemanna’s story

Incredible time: I have spent childhood years and enjoyed A lot grazing with them tells Hemanna from right second. 

I have studied in a government school at ChilakamukhiTqKoppalDtKoppal I am very proud to share with you something about my story.  I have attended the school just for one year and completed   1st standard. I dropped out school completely andnever looked back at the school after this.

 I have beaten by my teacher for not attending class regularly. I scared very muchto go school and never thought ofgoing to school because of this and was just only playing.

 I realized dropping out the school was my mistake,  when I became young .My parents are farmers and they work at our land we own 6 acre dry.

 We are 8 children’s for my parents ( 4 Female 4 Male) I was born the 8th boy.An additional my father was having one more job that is the grazing buffalo; he used to go grazing regular. 

One day he was not well he got fever and cough, their no one free in my family except  me. He saw me and said my dear son please go for grazing buffalo he said, I looked at him and I told him that yes I will to grazing.

After few months my father health was critical, and he appreciated my work and told me, that you made me to survivedfew more months he said.The last word he told me that don’t leave the grazing buffalo he said me after few minutes my father passed away living us alone.

The promised made me to go for grazing 100 hundreds of cattle’s and I have continued this job more than six years.Monthly earning was 250/-to300/- hundreds, I think I am 7 years old, after five years I left the job and found similar job.

 EFFORTLESSBOY: I was dreaming that I want to become shepherd it has come true for me.

I was  thinking differently I saw one more  job opportunity sheep grazing which one of owner had 50 sheep ( BomasagaraTanda Village )it’s a B To B like a league the owner said,you grazing sheep, we will get  each one young sheepA year.

I was effortlessly  thinking guy and I was hungry to accepted the B to B and started grazing 2 years. We had few young sheep with us, I was very aggressive to graze them when the business growth coming to handy. 

Day by day my interest was risingand I enjoyed sheep grazing. We used to travel nearly 3-5Kmevery day, summery time it was difficult to grazing them.

There was no gross all field dried up and no water found nearby. This is the major problem for usrainy season we were taking them to forest field this is free place to graze. 

One day and nightrainingit’s drizzling started whole night, while we were sleeping deepand it was bad day for us.We sheltered near to mountain the same night wolf came and taken away all young sheep, morning we saw completely zero young  with us no source added. 

I was return to my home and started working in farming at landlord farm. I did farming as daily wages and earnRs.40 rupees daily. I have continued 2 years of farming,I would thank the owner who offered me a job at his land.

I have learnt how to farming and cultivating it is must required in our life producing food things.But  my earning  was not enough to solve my family conditions. I was searching a job nearby villageI found it at Namdharinursery  seeds growing in my village. 

 I took responsibility of nursery bed preparation and vegetable nursery  plants growing. I was Labour  daily earning 40 by todayNamdhari seeds Pvt Ltd are branded name at market.

 When I found job at Samuha:

I have joined to Samuha NGO an 2000 years. M B Kukunur was campus-in-charge he brought me to Samuha and offered A job. The first day when I came to work atSamuha the staff told me to prepare tea for us.

I faceddifficult to make tea I never made any cooking at my home or some other place.However I made tea but it was lot of sugarmany staff told me don’t make this type of tea next time they said to me.

Then I have learnt how to prepare tea and cooking what an wonderful time with me. I was working as a peon and office-boy and small time security guard.I have served tea & coffee and cleaning toilet rooms.

Ihave experienced nearly 5 years of  keeping office clean at IrkalgaddaHosur Cross campus. And I am became Samuha staff, other than that I have done tree plantation at campus.

Every day I used to  pour water toeach plants.By today I can see growing big trees in campus. Any other workassigned to me  should be completed etc.

 This campus currently  useful toSamuha-Samarthya Social Rehabilitation Centre built for Spinal Cord injured people staying some period of months and they recovering their spinal cord etc, and it’s wonderful place now my feeling happy.

 WheneverI was free I used to go field visitalong with field-officer. I wanted to understand more aboutSamuha how they are operating the villages. 

Many project was working surround my village, my staff love to take me to field and explained me there work.Few times travel encouraged me more happy and gained some idea from field visit. Monthly salary was 650/-

(CNV) Carbon Neutral Village:

Climate Neutral Village is strategic intervention where Samuha supports A cluster of communities with an integrated rural development package that addresses poverty as well as climate adaptation.

I have worked at DevadurgaSamuha, from their I have worked under CNVProject (Carbon Neutral Village)it was the year 2012 where I understood about nature&climate change etc.

I was the field officer my work wassome survey done one model village HuvinahadgiTalukDevadurga, reporting to Assistant-director SAMUHA,

Rainwater Harvesting: SAMUHA believes NREGA is the single most important entitlement that rural Indians enjoy today. I am explaining about Tcbs structure at B R Gunda Village.

I worked as a data entry operator few months, collecting data from field officer& I was reporting to assistant-director SAMUHA 2012-2013,and I  took basic training under Samuha about Trench-cum-Bunds of 20’+5’+2′ size.

 At an average 11 TcBs per acres, that’s 62,000 liters of rainwater that can be harvested with each rain threshold day.

At even 20 such rain days per year, that’s a cool 1.2 million liters harvested and converted into Sub-surface. Interflows or soil moisture.

And each inch of silt that is deposited into these 11 TcBs means over 3 tons of top soil that can be harvested and returned to the soil.

 CLIMATE ACTION: 1. Chulika installation begin, secondVisitors meet Chulika users home, CDM Project(Clean Development Mechanism)

2013-2014 I used to work as ENDUSERAGREEMENT LETTERas a documentation. My job is to make all cook stove user should have signature on end user agreement.

And  taken pass photo of householdershould be paste on top of the documents.We keepmaintaining  document as official  records.

 I have gone under training at CDM project. I learnt how to monitor with cook stove users, after I motivated them who is using stove.

And make platform for cook stove in their house kitchen place keep properly.This cook stove benefits, less wood burnt, less time spent cooking, smoke less, no eye pain, every years few trees saved.

This is feedback came from cook stove users and we believe.I was reporting to project officer, placeDevadurga,

  Nature of skill.Car driving alsoskillful job anytime emergency availableall over India.

Drivinglearnt year of 2003 when I was working as office-boy or peon at Hosur cross NH50.I thought some time I did not studied who will offer work for me this is thought. 

I decided to drive at last if I learn this so I can  earn monthly 10-15 thousands per month.Without  schoolcertificate I can get driving  job anywhere.

I special  thanks to my gurus who taught me driving, and I become national driver.I got chance to driving at Samuhavehicles 2015-2017It was little skill but must required to all needed.

I have enjoyed a lot by driving long trips, like some states Pune, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala &state Karnataka. I have understood about agriculture system by different place, and different cities people speak many  language.

The time management is very important in career. If driver is not maintained timing,sometime we loss many opportunities.

I have learnt pickup and drop timing management. While dropping or pickup I used to talk with visitors to share my experience and about Samuha project. 

 Video Documentation:   1 Editing Software started, 2 Kishna day program held at Baraguru 15-02-2019 arranged by Hosapete Radio station.

2017-2019 Here I had learnt how to handle DSLR Nikon Camera  video photo shoot, along with editing clips also done by me.

 Many videos I have done under HUF SAMUHA Project etc, It’s still progressing well. I am handling Nikon DSLR digital camera model 2017  I am operating very well this digital camera. 

So many videos I have done so for the feedback was good useful to motivating videos who have successful farming and those  farmers  we have collected the stories the videos model to many farmers to established smart farming.

 Farmers said me those all videos are very good with quality and quantity. After  film showed to farmers I get some feedback from farmers it build me more confident manner. 

It’s all in one I take care of shooting questioning and film editing completely documentation. To learnbasic it took me to understanding editing clips just a week. 

After I am became master of it adding into one clip. Today I earn 18000/- eighteen thousands

Total video ready today 35 many variation 

 A CREATIVE: The died camera inspired me to go for manufacture new waterproof camera.

09/06/2018 I was inspired by seeing this camera and I decided it I want make one model. I tried four different camera and last two camera while trail but finally two camera successful. 

 Today I can easily manufacture waterproof camera and handle device. So I checked Borewells water level scanning and share to farmers this concept and farmers will get to know in their Borewell condition and water level.

1 Hydrologist with Hemanna Manual water level checking 2, Hemanna checking water level with device Model Village  BhumangundaRaichur.  

Year of 2017-december selected model village BhumanagundaRaichur. I have learnt about water cycle project along with Germany  (Jan-&-Sabine Hydrologic ) here I have learnt about Borewell scanning.

 And understanding about ground water level , and some basic  survey done about wells.  By end of the 1 month model textedand we had given presentation to villagers what we have done so for in their land and I worked as technical  person. Who held this all skill that I can sayhappily  this me Hemanna only in my family at village and enter Karnataka.


2017-18 year here I have learnt what is the business and marketing I was working as a survey for shops to online marketing. I was taking to shopkeepers to conveyance them and register their shop into our chikkaballapurendless site. Really shopkeepers  were supported usand we registered 1700 hundred shops to chikkaballapur endless along with photo of shop.Reporting to ManthanModias one year I worked here about marketing.

Road GPS Tracking

Chikpur Endless marketing I have taken GPS tracking  all roads at Chikbpur town.Here I have done little new learning, how to operate GPS device and tracking the map.Along with bike riding on tracking the GPS enter town we finished with one Month enter city town.

Next Goal

2019-20 I started learning AutoCAD mapping online mapping basically this is survey and model village selected, to design village map and all data available at online. Data like survey no details, crop details, farmer names  details and etc.So this will be useful  to transforming village and bring digital India. My work will be design the mapping of village and land.This multiple skill made me more confident guy today I can work anywhere in this world.

I re-joined to HHHF Tumkur Transformation Academy.  And now I am working as Mobilizer & Admin.

The purpose of re-joining to HHHF is to transform rural youths by providing education; here is my contribution to enrol students into MIC Program. 

I am so happy to part of Head Held High Foundation for given me an opportunity. 

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