Covid Response & Build Back

Food Security

During the Covid lockdown in March 2020, we ran a dry ration distribution drive across India to support communities and families that were badly affected by the situation. 

Covid Buildback Food Security

Community Response Centres

In all our active locations, we are adopting a holistic approach to community build back that includes dry ration distribution, job counselling, self-employment training and support, enabling social security access, and more. In several locations, we have established Community Response Centres to serve as hubs for managing these interventions.

Migrant Support

Large numbers of migrants lost their means of livelihood during the pandemic. We are supporting many such affected individuals and families through our Antarprerna program to promote rural entrepreneurship. This includes identifying self-employment opportunities and providing training, grants and mentoring to help them start small local businesses. These interventions are designed to help former migrants back on their feet while also giving a boost to rural economies.