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HHHF COE Youth Transformation Feb 2023-1

The Centre of Excellence for Youth Transformation

PUBLISHED : November 2023

We hold a firm belief in the boundless potential of every young person and strive to unveil and nurture this potential through our interventions. Our approach, field-tested and proven, involves a combination of skillsets and mindsets training, coupled with opportunities for employment, enterprise creation, and social security. This approach stands as a cornerstone for the Centre of Excellence for Youth Transformation.

HHH CoE_Entrepreneurship-01

Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship

PUBLISHED : November 2023

HHH is dedicated to break the cycle of poverty through strategic interventions, fostering economic mobility and building resilient futures both in India and internationally. Since its establishment in 2011, HHH has effectively showcased solutions that contribute to this overarching mission.

HHH is steadfast in creating an inclusive ecosystem for first-generation rural entrepreneurs, with a particular emphasis on women, aiming to attain sustainable livelihoods and monthly incomes.

About Head Held High Foundation Sept 2023-1

O u r T h e o r y o f C h a n g e

PUBLISHED : November 2023

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities living below the poverty line, as well as those in vulnerable and marginalized situations. We aim to provide them with access to innovative training programs, resources, and supportive networks, fostering their ability to become catalysts for change and advocates for resilient and sustainable livelihoods.



PUBLISHED : November 2023

The CSR project is committed to delivering a six-month training program for young individuals, specifically targeting those with limited educational backgrounds or who have discontinued their schooling. The training covers diverse subjects, including English, Digital Literacy, Numeracy, Logic, Life Skills, Career Guidance, General Knowledge, and more. The objective is to equip young people with the skills necessary to secure their preferred employment or pursue further studies, enabling them to sustain themselves and support their families. This initiative also promotes opportunities for self-employment.

Code Unnati-001

Completion Report - Code Unnati

PUBLISHED : November 2023

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with SAP Labs, has effectively launched Code Unnati, an initiative designed to empower young individuals, with a particular focus on girls, enabling them to make informed decisions about their careers and gain access to income-generating opportunities.
Project Closure Report - Skoll Foundation-01

Project Closure Report - Skoll Foundation

PUBLISHED : November 2021

This project report describes a pilot project to build economic resilience of vulnerable populations at scale, including
the need, conceptual framework, and activities conducted over its first year of pilot implementation. The project was
conceptualised by a consortium of non-profit organisations, brought together by Community Action Collab (CAC),
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Our Outcomes Report - April - Sep 2021

PUBLISHED : November 2021

We are happy to share the Head Held High Outcomes Report
for the first half of 2021-22 year. As always, our goal in these
past six months was to prioritize equity and access for the rural
communities we operate in. The approach we used was multipronged and rooted in social protection — including social security
scheme transfers, training to build job readiness, and other
forms of livelihood support centred around self-employment and

UNICEF Report - Head Held High - Pravah

Conversations on Learning & Dreams

PUBLISHED : December 2020

Summary of findings from in-depth conversations with young people and solutions providers on education, skills, career aspirations and employment opportunities.

(In partnership with UNICEF)

Sach Honge Sapne

PUBLISHED : December 2020

Summary of findings from a campaign to provide youth with career information and guidance through digital content and counselling sessions.

(In partnership with UNDP)

UNDP HHH Report - Sach Honge Sapne
Bi-Annual Report 2020-21 . Head Held High Foundation

Bi-Annual Outcomes Snapshot

PUBLISHED : September 2020

Results achieved through all our initiatives in the six months from April through September of 2020