Demonstrating the HHH Approach to Partners

A 2017 event organized in Gulbarga for partner NGOs to give them a glimpse of how the HHH approach brings about transformation.


The last stop for December blitz of partnership events in HHHF, was at Gulbarga. We conducted this at Sangam Residency hotel, which is built on the graveyard of a well known watering hole. Sangam bar was notorious in 1980s in this town. It has changed stripes now . We had 14 NGOs coming from different cities like Koppal, Hospet, Raichur and of course the local Gulbarga based partners. We did couple of different things here:

    1. We invited 5 students from Vikas Academy, who have been transformed using HHH training. The girls displayed their enthusiasm, skills and new found confidence. They demonstrated 3 activities that they have been using in classroom situation: mirror practice, using a story board with physical action steps to convey action [suggestopedia] and a chair activity with physical correlation of where they stand.
    2. Stirring speech on HHHF by Ramesh Ballid, the first batch pass out of HHH in 2008. He has become a kind of local celebrity speaker who gains immediate attention, due to his passion. He spoke very well and gave enough directions on what this program can deliver for partners. This is not a spoken English teaching but a preparation for life, he said.
    3. Short feedback speeches on HHHF by existing partners: Vikas Academy and Swami Vivekananda RK Ashrama. This was directed around how we can make impact on local communities, using HHHF methodologies

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