Exploring Partnership Opportunities in the Northeast


A 2016 event to look at ways we can engage with partner NGOs to bring about change in the Northeast

We are pursuing a “look east policy” something like our foreign policy. We were very keen to enter Northeast and contribute to the growth of this region. Guwahati functions as the economic gateway to all 8 states of north east region. This city is now bustling and is rated as one of the fastest growing cities in India, with rapid urbanization. Cars can be seen everywhere and blocking your way, almost on every road. Uber has 11,000 taxies in this city of 17-18 lakhs population. The massive Brahmaputra river reminds you of the history of this Kamrup region. The local cuisine is heavenly and a must try for all fish lovers
HHHF did one partnership event with good turnout on December 8th 2016. Tata Institute of Social Sciences supported us with their infra and volunteers. TISS has some bright students, who are eager to make a mark on the rural projects. We had 17 NGO partners participating in this event.
Several local NGOs took great trouble in reaching Gauhati from several places like Dhemarje, Bongaigaon and Dibrugarh. They have invited us to visit their centres and consider starting projects immediately, the local challenges here are different and needs unique approaches. We have local support from Tata Trust and TISS as mentors for this region. Self-employment schemes could work very well in employment generation in Assam. We have few partners from Arunachal Pradesh, who are keen to adopt this program.
A detailed question and answer session was done with partners. Many partners sought info on placements, trainer fatigue for the ratio of 1:30 size, content for trainees to succeed in army/armed force recruitment, challenges of placements since Assam is very poor in industrialization etc. Interest is high but can we together pull it off? That was the crux. we are making efforts to get a local ecosystem in place in NE region. This may be a long fight and a long haul. We are in to win.

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