Head Held High Foundation conducted by far the most successful partnership event at Patna on Dec 15th 2016 at IMA Hall. This was attended by 23 NGOs/trusts of Bihar state. Many of them making it in time despite the foggy cold morning, traffic jams and work pressures. Patna is a gigantic city of noise pollution. Everyone keeps honking at high pitch, whether there is traffic or not. It is kind of a local hobby to harass every motorist with 110 decibels horn. Poof! But Patna also has delightful local vegetables at very low rates. Vegetable hawkers line up at every nook and corner at 3pm or so, on Bailley road. They further add to the traffic misery but they are selling absolutely needed fresh laukis, brinjals, moolies etc. I enjoyed the contrasts I loved this event due to the vociferous discussions, suggestions and questions thrown at me. Patna people are open, frank and converse well. They gave us valuable inputs and information on local govt schemes. That was nice . Our lunch was delayed by an hour but everyone waited patiently and helped us. We had 44 persons turn up. Thanks to the excellent support from Rainbow Homes Patna team, our local partner. They had made all arrangements and invited several NGO friends. We visited one of their shelter homes for rescued children and street kids. I was touched and moved to tears to see young kids running away from home, being found on railway stations, being targeted sometimes by the organ trafficking persons, but still smiling and taking all the strain in their stride. They were safe and comfortable here at Rainbow. Hats off to the NGOs but why is our society so unkind to kids? why do parents refuse to take them back even after Bihar police/Rainbow team has located them? Why do kids run away again and again from homes? As a nation can we feed them and keep them safe, warm in this harsh winter? Yes, Rainbow Homes is doing that in 7 centres in Patna and several others in India. We should have more NGOs like them I wish to answer all these questions and make a difference to as many youngsters as possible. That’s the motto of HHHF as well. We will work hard in Bihar and work towards meaningful partnerships