A Covid Build Back Initiative in Urban Slums

An initiative to rebuild livelihoods and bolster economic conditions in urban slum communities with support from HSBC Bank

The pandemic has been very disruptive for groups and communities already faced with vulnerabilities. Urban slum communities are among those hit hardest, with many families reeling under the economic impact of shutdowns and job cuts.

Our Integrated Response:

A Community Resource Centre is a Covid response mechanism designed to holistically address the challenges faced by vulnerable communities in the current environment. Through a CRC in a given area, members of a given community can get job information, learn about placement opportunities, avail of training to build life, work or entrepreneurial skills, and access relevant social services and schemes.

With support from our partner HSBC, we have established a CRC in five urban slum communities to specifically enable the following interventions:

  • Information dissemination – related to livelihoods, jobs and more
  • Pandemic-related awareness
  • Assessing poverty levels of families by applying the HHH MARG framework
  • Developing and implementing a poverty elimination plan for families based on the graduation approach
  • Enabling access to social entitlements
  • Career guidance and mapping aspirations of youth to available opportunities
  • Connecting youth to economic pathways (via placement or entrepreneurship)

Target Locations:

Target Impact:

Here are some of the outcomes we expect to achieve across the five locations during the course of the program:

10,000 families to be covered by the program

More than half of this group to receive a poverty alleviation plan and support with implementing it

More than 6000 youth to receive career guidance and counselling

6000 families to be connected to relevant social benefits

1000 youth to receive transformation or entrepreneurship training to become ready for work or to start their own ventures

A big thank you to HSBC for their committed support for this critical Covid build back initiative in cities. We have kickstarted our interventions in these locations and look forward to sharing more updates over the next few months.

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