Optimism on Nagpur’s Vidarbha Region


A 2016 partner event at Chitnavis Centre in Nagpur gave attendees gave attendees a sense of what was possible in terms of skill development, transformation and overall boosting of human development indices.


We conducted this event at Nagpur city on Nov 30th 2016 at Chitnavis centre. This event saw participation of 30 local organizations in the field of skill development, rural development, education, social service and transformation projects. The core idea of this event was to enable more participation of Vidarbha region based NGO/skill development organizations, as implementation agencies of the unique HHH program.

This partnership is between Head Held High foundation and interested local agencies. It’s being funded by Tata Trust to run these programs for poorest of poor, BPL status persons with zero to 10th class fail as background. .
Speaking on the occasion, Avinash Kulkarni, Head of partnerships and project delivery at HHHF, said that “Several local agencies have evinced interest in working with HHHF and customizing this to the local community challenges as seen in Vidarbha region. This may lead to better human development indices in chosen villages through this program”. It was also announced that Baba Amte led MSS Trust in Anandwan may start one project immediately with HHHF, for 120 trainees in the tribal belt of Warora.

A detailed question and answer session was done with all partners present. Many partners sought info on placements, relevance of HHH to local issues such as nomadic tribes/slums/participant disinterest etc. A follow up visit is being planned in week of Dec 16th 2016 at Nagpur and other nearby towns. We want to start few projects immediately with at least 5 NGO partners. You are welcome to write to us if you want us to be in touch. Ramen.barman@head-held-high.org can be the key contact for centre visits and MOU signups with NGOs.

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