Everyone deserves a chance to live their life with dignity, with their Head Held High.

Head Held High is a collective of everyday people engaged in the fight against poverty. Along with our partners, we work towards transforming youth, empowering women, and supporting marginalized communities in rural India so that they can realize their full potential.

Forbes India            Madan Padaki

 Madan Padaki discusses the synergy between entrepreneurship and philanthropy, emphasizing how the former can significantly enhance the skills and potential of India’s youth. 

Community Response Centers

Community Response Centres (CRC) serve as physical hubs from where we can address challenges that poor communities, both rural and urban, face.

Covid 19 build back for communities

Covid Response and Build Back 

Many lives and livelihoods have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. We are helping communities build resilience by ensuring food security and providing livelihood support, among other initiatives. 

Our Purpose

Inspired by a world of abundance, we build capability and resilience in
people and communities to hold their heads high.

Impact at a Glance

Youth Impacted
Communities Supported
Changemakers Supported

The Annual Impact Report

To delve into the specifics, figures, and narratives of our efforts & impact in 2022-23, click on the report thumbnail to open it as a PDF in a new window.

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Guide Star India


GuideStar India enables greater giving through trust and transparency. www.GuideStarIndia.org is India’s largest and most reliable online information repository with 11000+ NGOs.

We have been awarded the prestigious GuideStar India Transparency Key award for 2022 and have joined India’s largest pool of credible NGOs after undergoing GuideStar India’s due diligence process. GuideStar India’s Transparency Key is the Foundation Level certification indicating that the organisation has filed annual income tax returns as a tax-exempt entity and has shared the same in the public domain. To view our profile at GuideStar India, please

visit: https://guidestarindia.org/Summary.aspx?CCReg=11583

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