Sunil Savara

Sunil Savara

Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Trustees

Sunil Savara is a founding and now a board member of Head Held High Foundation. In addition, he conceptualised and launched Global Action on Poverty (GAP), a Head Held High-run platform that accelerates the journeys of changemakers in their quest to eradicate poverty. He currently serves as an executive advisor for GAP.

Sunil is also one of the founders of Candela Labs, a company that provides intelligent automation – particularly for insurance companies in Asia – to transform the way people work.

As the co-founder of Impossible Transformations LLP, Sunil has driven many transformative leadership training programs. This includes the “Lead like Gandhi” fellowship program for senior leaders, a key component of which is conducted at Sabarmati Ashram.

Sunil wound up his corporate career to focus on his true calling – to bring about change in the world. He is passionate about leveraging the power of transformation in the battle against poverty. He believes that there is abundance in the world as well as in our hearts.

The work he does in leadership development is an extension of this philosophy – of being a catalyst in enabling the transformation of people in the world.