Rajesh Bhatt

Rajesh Bhat

Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Trustees

Rajesh Bhat is a board member of Head Held High Foundation and one of its co-founders, having started the organisation in 2007 when he was just 25. At the time, he was motivated by his vision of enabling rural youth and children in the country to develop capabilities for leading better lives. As a native of a small village in Karnataka, he was aware of the barriers that keep rural youth from realising their full potential. The blueprint for Head Held High breakthrough and transformative training programs emerged from Rajesh’s ideas for helping rural youth overcome these barriers.


Rajesh is also the founder and CEO of Iron Lady, an organisation that delivers leadership training and mentoring programs for women. Through his work with both Iron Lady and Head Held High, Rajesh has emerged as an influential and visionary leader in the education and training space.