Make India Capable (MIC)


MIC is an initiative that transforms illiterate villagers into capable workers. It creates employment and business opportunities through uniquely designed life-skills training programs that are scalable and sustainable.
Started in 2008, the training process has been researched, designed, developed and tested over a period of 9 years. Our processes have demonstrated that approximately 6 months of training can deliver the same effectiveness as 15 years of formal schooling.

Success Stories


HHH supports the organisations whose ideas serve to alleviate rural poverty. Firstly, it secures grants for villagers who are too poor to afford the fees for the knowledge and skills building training. HHH also identifies organisations who are interested in sponsoring Training Centres, a Class within the Training Centre or a group of students in a class. Next, HHH develops village economies by moving white collar work to villages from cities in India or overseas. This is achieved by setting up processes that encourage entrepreneurship,  and helping entrepreneurs to set up businesses in their village.

Finally, HHH organises conventions and events with the aim to raise awareness of rural poverty thereby seeking new and innovative ways to eradicate it. Through these events, HHH looks to build partnerships, interest, and models to support rural businesses. The methodologies and the model are continuously revisited and refined through research and feedback. The training program has been researched, designed, developed and tested over a period of 10 years and has 3 broad principles.


Through the widespread use of the internet and its bank of knowledge, the bulk of education has been made redundant. Our process eliminates all components that are not essential to be learnt for work-readiness.


When students recognise their intrinsic capabilities, they are able to embark on a journey of discovery and learning. The transformative aspects of the training allow villagers to recognise their potential.

Learning through Conversation and Context Setting

This model employs transformational training (through self reflection) to trigger multiple intelligences and speed up the process of learning. To simplify, multiple contexts are created, and in each context, learning is accelerated dramatically.

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