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Vaccination drives in rural India

Mass vaccination against Covid-19 is the need of the hour in India. But with the media spotlight on cities, we are ignoring the plight of rural India where more than 70% of the population lives. An infectious wave in these parts can be catastrophic. But many people in rural districts are unwilling to get vaccinated because they are not convinced about its safety. Or they are worried about side effects and losing a day or more of income as a result. For daily wagers and their families, that’s an untenable scenario. Many people are also not sure how to register or where to go for the vaccine. So, we are launching vaccination drives in the 60+ rural districts where we have an active field presence. We intend to create awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated, promote prevention and safety practices, help people with registering online, and direct them to local health centres for the protective jab. We will hand out hygiene kits as well as dry ration supplies as part of the drives. Working with health authorities and ASHA workers in different locations, we hope to reach more than 1,00,000 people across 100+ communities over the next few months. Support our effort to get rural India vaccinated and safe from Covid-19.

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