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Millions of people have been stuck in the poverty trap for long enough and it’s time we do something about it.
Bring hope and dignity to people in need and join our effort to eradicate rural poverty.

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Join our team to help catalyse and transform the face of India by eradicating rural poverty. HHH is made up of some of the most experienced minds in India and we are always looking for compassionate, hardworking and determined people to join us.


Volunteer with Us

Socially responsible investment is a matter of goodwill and of long term vision. Head Held High works at the grassroots, empowering the rural poor by creating profitable business models to ensure sustainable change. Volunteer with us, experience the future, and let others know how it feels to live with their Head Held High.



We need your support to help bring people out of the poverty and live a life of dignity. Contributions can be a mix of many things – donations in kind, in space for classrooms, in volunteers, in providing potential trainers, and so on. We are also now attempting a new paradigm of a 10 month part-time “night-school” program, which drops the cost to half, and ensures that the trainee continues work in the day. We would like to hear from you, how would you like to contribute and be a part of the movement.


Corporate Fellowship

The NASSCOM Foundation Head Held High Mettā Fellowship offers a great opportunity for the corporate employees to be community conscious, widen their cross-sectoral strengths and functions, and impact beyond business and bring about systemic and sustainable social change.


The Mettā Fellows will be a group of dynamic and committed individuals, with their core competencies channelized towards social transformation. The program promises to enhance academic, grassroots and managerial experience for corporate employees, and widen their cross-sectoral strengths and functions.


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