About Us

Who we are

Head Held High is a collective of everyday persons in this intention to eradicate poverty. By changing one life at a time, we can eventually transform the face of India.


To eradicate rural poverty globally, beginning with India.


MIC aims to move 2 million villagers out of the poverty trap by 2022. Through our GAP initiative, we build and support changemaking communities to eradicate poverty.


Poverty is a worldwide development crisis that deprives a person of their right to choice. 
At Head Held High (HHH), we aim to address this by implementing multiple initiatives. Through a multi-pronged approach using our Make India Capable (MIC) and Global Action on Poverty (GAP) initiatives, we strive to eradicate rural poverty, beginning with India. We believe in transforming the lives of the helpless, and giving them the means to stand on their own two feet capably and independently.

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