Speech Made By His Wife In His Honour At Oracle Asia.

Speech Made By His Wife In His Honour At Oracle Asia.

We were together for 27 years. It was a series of adventures & misadventures, but there was never a dull moment!
He was with Oracle for only 2 yrs & I am certain many here can say the same! Thats where Time becomes relative, because It feels much longer than 2, even to me.

I sent him this one day. He decided this would be how he lived…And how he lived!
He decided then that he was not what had happened to him. No matter what the odds.

People would say to me “you are so brave” & I always said that he made it easy for me to be that. He would get up, dress up & show up no matter what. And he did it with such joy!

Oracle became his panacea & his elixir! Its where cancer became this insignificant other thing he had in his life. He would go to office & the happy feeling that gave him rubbed off on everything, including the treatments. Life became an adventure! His doctors became his ‘partners in crime’ as he tried out new stuff. The fuel was always Oracle!

This journey with Neeraj’s cancer has been life altering on so many levels .
It humbled us deeply to have so many people “storming Heaven” for him. Sometimes friends of friends…people we dont even know, have prayed for him to get well. “Thank you” seems almost inappropriate in the face of this much caring.
One of the greatest lessons has been Gratitude…no matter how bad a situation there is always something or someone to be thankful for. We have been truly blessed to be surrounded with so much love.

People ask me now what my plans are…
I said to him I really needed him to beat this because I couldn’t get over the good times.
He wanted to beat it because he always thought the best is yet to be.
But he made every day a best day, just in case… And the boys & I have to try to do the same. And thats the plan.

I would like to end with a line from the Boxer, which he loved singing…
“I am leaving I am leaving but the fighter still remains…”
He remains In all of us.