Chandru Living his dream – Conveying his thoughts on the rural population to Mr Tata

Chandrakanth (Chandru), a farmer’s son from Raipur, did not have any aspiration in life and believed in living in the present. He feared going anywhere in his own city all alone. He was always protected by his parents and was scared to face the World . It was in 2007, when Head Held High approached him, he found a new way of life and this changed his life forever.

Chandru’s Journey with Head Held High

His life was a blank canvas which was painted by Head Held High’s training. Head Held High training changed his perception of life and guided him towards a better healthier life. It helped him grow as a person and built new dreams and aspirations in him. Head Held High Training was the most memorable experience of his life.

Chandru’s Inspiration

Chandru, considers Sunil Savara, Co-founder Head Held High Foundation as his Role Model. He admires his beautiful thoughts, kindness towards mankind and patience.

Chandru is now the Senior executive in Mphasis , Human Resource Department. He wants to lead a simple dignified life. His dream is to educate the poor and enable them to lead a life of dignity.