Megharaj tells Amitabh Bachchan his transformation story

Megharaj Mantri is a 28 year old lad from a remote village Gule in Koppal district Karnataka. Few years ago, he was one among the other farmers in his village working in fields every day to earn his livelihood. He was a mere peasant in poverty earning 10 to 15 rupees per day. He had never been to school nor did he know to write in his regional language Kannada. He did not understand the importance of education. He used to graze buffalos as he believed he did not possess any major skills. He was a layman in a small village measured time by sunrise and sunset. His daily routine included getting out of the house for work after sunrise and coming back home after sunset.

Joining Head Held High

Megharaj understood the value and purpose of his life on the day he joined Head Held High. We took him through the transformation training in Bangalore and built his capability in 6 months. His journey of life started when he learnt to read and write in English with Computer Literacy Skills and other personality development traits under transformational training.

Megharaj Mantri is a perfect example of how equipping a rural youth with skills and knowledge can make a big difference to him and his village. Many more rural youths from Koppal village followed Megharaj’s footsteps to transform their lives.

Megharaj graduated on 17th September – 2007 from HHH. He was trained in the following skills:

  • English- Reading & Writing
  • Computer skills
  • Business skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Logical skills and
  • Life skills


It has not been an easy journey for Megharaj in HHH to undergo a training with a background of zero education and being a field worker. The biggest challenge was to start from the scratch. The first level of challenge was understanding the English alphabets, but his sheer grit and determination helped him to overcome every hurdle with continuous support of HHH. Megharaj underwent a residential training where the classes started at 6:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm. Initially he wanted to run away, but the constant support and motivation from his trainers helped him regain his confidence. His sheer commitment to learning prompted them to continue classes even after dinner. He practiced reading and writing till 1am and he used to go to sleep listening to BBC news or other English channels. He learnt the hard way and now he can read write and speak fluently in English. Megharaj has an interesting instance to share about Computers. He had never touched a computer before in his life. He panicked one day, when he pressed an unknown button out of curiosity and the screen on the monitor turned upside down. But today the same boy can operate computers at ease and has a good typing speed. Megharaj is able to stand in front of hundreds of people in public and deliver inspirational speech. He proudly states that HHH training was a life changing moment. He feels lucky that HHH has provided him with an opportunity of a life time.

Life after training

After successful completion of HHH training, Megharaj got his first break with HDFC standard life as a Data entry Executive. He worked with HDFC from 2009 to 2011 in a Rural BPO project in his village. There was no stopping Megharaj after this break. He then moved on to a new project with Genpact in 2012. He was a part of HRSS team in Genpact handling the HR Exit process of employees. He was promoted to a team leader in a year with a salary of 9000 per month. He now works as a Centre Head executive in Head Held High Transformative Academy in Tumkur. He feels proud of himself thathe canlive a life of respect and dignity with the support of Head Held High.

Higher Education

Megharaj meanwhile appeared for his SSLC board exam and PUC exam in 2013 and completed successfully.

Way Forward

Megharaj wishes to move up the ladder of fulfilling his aspirations.He dreamsof starting his own enterprise in his village providing employment opportunities to the youth who did not get opportunities like him.He wants to give back to the society being a brand ambassador of HHH and support in opening new rural centers. He wants to contribute to Head Held High by helping them in the mission of transforming and impacting a Million Lives and helping people to overcome poverty and lead a dignified life with their Head Held High.

Down Memory Lane

Megharaj participated in GRP (Global Readiness Program) in Patan. He takes up orientation classes in Colleges representing our HHH training which transforms lives of rural youth in the period of 6 months.