Sumir Hinduja | Head Held High
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Sumir Hinduja

Sumir Hinduja

Sumir’s education (Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Development Studies) prepared him for engagement with an activist organization in Rajasthan involved in making the government more responsive to its poorer citizens–specifically through bringing in transparency in government expenditure on welfare programs, and years later, helped enact India’s Right to Information and Employment Guarantee Laws. This stint allowed Sumir to see the power to bring about change through well directed activism and the immense desire for improvement in rural youth.

Sumir, presently, is actively involved in electoral reform, promoting waste segregation and recycling and philanthropy directed at financing lifesaving medical procedures and disability. Sumir is currently involved with his family’s 3 decade old apparel business in India, which has focused on the creation of apparel brands for the Indian market since the 1980s designed for youth, children and women consumers.

He is also the managing director of the group’s apparel manufacturing activities – the labor intensive contract manufacturing of clothing for export to the Euro American markets, which employs large numbers of primarily women employees. The acute scarcity of skills has made him focus on training and the resultant power to change lives with focus on multi-stake holder efforts, to bring together cooperative action brands, unions, and involving manufacturers in the apparel supply chain.

To get in touch with Sumir Hinduja, you can drop him an email at