Global Action on Poverty

GAP is a global platform with the aim to alleviate poverty, beginning with the Indian sub-continent. It focuses on enabling Changemakers to feel skilled and capable – ready to work and grow their ideas and initiatives. GAP works in generating actionable outcomes by individuals and organizations which will be measured in its effectiveness in eradicating poverty.

The 5 streams of GAP are:

GAP Connect – Hub that enables Changemakers, Catalysts, Coaches and Mentors to connect, communicate and collaborate.
GAP Funds – Bridge between Changemakers and funding organisations where funders enable Changemakers to understand the funding pr ocess and also show them how to pitch for grants and/or loans.
GAP Labs – Partnerships with research and educational institutes to find innovative and entrepreneurial solutions whilst inspiring future Changemakers.
GAP Learn – Source for courses and workshops to enable Changemakers to develop capabilities, skills and enterprise models.
GAP Events – Events that bring together Changemakers, Catalysts, Coaches and Mentors to collaborate and be inspired.

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