Manjunath's Transformation Story - The confidence to learn | Head Held High
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Manjunath’s Transformation Story – The confidence to learn

Manjunth Singh Rajput hails from Godinal which is one of the remote villages around Koppal district.
He was born in a poor farmer family. He has never been to school and has never learnt to read and write.
In order to reduce the burden of his family, Manjunath moved out of his house when he was 10 years old. He worked in a rich landlord’s house where he used to clean house and graze buffaloes as a coolie. He was not paid for five years and was given only food and shelter. He was paid Rs 50 per day after the 5 years. He continued to work there as a Coolie for the next 10 years and then he joined his father in farming.

Manjunath’s Head Held High Journey

When Majunath turned 20, his destination decided to change direction and guided towards Head Held High Foundation training formation.
Understanding initial training days was an uphill task for him. He was not able to understand English letters or computers. He found the training extremely difficult and wanted to go back home.
He started learning things slowly and realised that training was his need to lead a better life. It was the need to earn his food, shelter and clothes.
Manjunath completed his training in August 2017. He has started his own Hotel in Tumkur. His parents are extremely happy about his achievement and he continues to lead his life with head held higher.